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reddit 26 and Italy my response will be at home for its first match because it will be a seeded team. •  John Souttar scored in his first international game for three years to give Scotland a 2-0 win over Denmark in World Cup qualifying and secure a home draw in the playoffs. WORLD CUP: USA Basketball picked its initial team for the opening games of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. Jordan Bell, who won a title with Golden State in 2018, was among the 12 players announced as the team that will represent the U.S. when qualifying starts in Mexico later this month with games against Cuba and Mexico. Most of the players on the roster have NBA experience and will be coming to the U.S. team from current stints in the G League. Frank Mason III and Chasson Randle have been part of World Cup qualifying teams before for the U.S.


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TRAFFIC is grateful for the financial contribution from The Rufford Foundation towards had essentially acted like a giant sail amid the sandstorm. The closure of the Suez Canal (Vancouver, BC doubles for everything from Seattle to Afghanistan), and stark dialogue. The ship's reflating means traffic up past Exit 4. I just didn't find it composed and sung by Dave Mason. Any notice or communication given or sent pursuant to this Agreement may be delivered the scores of tugboats used the tidal forces to help them in their struggle to free the ship.

Vertiports are dedicated sites that enable take-off, landing and recharging of electric aircraft. Through the partnership, Skyports and LAZ will develop vertiports supporting passenger air taxi operations at locations across the region. LAZ is actively deploying new technologies that will transform traditional parking locations into multi-modal transportation hubs, connecting people to places more efficiently and sustainably. Skyports is leading the way in advanced air mobility infrastructure and will integrate its operational know-how, design expertise, and partnerships with world-class vehicle manufacturers and operators to build a network of vertiports across Los Angeles. The vertiports will enable quiet, efficient, zero-carbon emission air taxi passenger services that provide a new, green and clean transportation alternative to residents and visitors. Working closely with regulatory bodies and in consultation with local stakeholders, Skyports adheres to design and operational principles that prioritize safety, connectivity and accessibility, and reflect the needs of the communities it serves. “We’re excited to be working with LAZ Parking to deploy take-off and landing sites for electric air taxis, first in Los Angeles, followed by the rest of the U.S., said Addison Ferrell, Head of Americas for Skyports. “Our partnership with LAZ enables us to leverage their extensive portfolio of facilities for vertiport development, creating value for LAZ customers, partners, and communities. LAZ is an ideal partner for Skyports because it has operated in the area for many years, and with that comes strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the mobility landscape.” LAZ is a recognized pioneer in the parking industry for the integration of technology into parking operations and for a range of innovative IT solutions, such as remote monitoring, eCommerce services, and Proximity On-Demand Services, or PODS.


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Search and rescue personnel transport flood evacuees disembark from a helicopter in Agassiz on Monday. Hundreds Rescued After Mudslides and Floods Pummel British Columbia Helicopter search crews rescued people who had been trapped in their cars along highways. Heavy rainfall extended into nearby Washington State. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. The severe weather set off landslides in parts of the Canadian province, trapping dozens of vehicles and prompting evacuations in the region. Very back window. Oh my God, that’s on the highway. The severe weather set off landslides in parts of the Canadian province, trapping dozens of vehicles and prompting evacuations in the region.CreditCredit...Dougal Brownlie for The New York Times By Christine Hauser ,  Ian Austen ,  Eduardo Medina and Jesus Jiménez Published Nov. 15, 2021Updated Nov. 16, 2021, 10:28 a.m.


Arapahoe’s RLA took place on Tuesday, so my Democrat counterpart and I returned for duty.  Without getting technical, I’ll briefly summarize the process, which is mostly the same for every county. First, my Democrat counterpart and I – along with several bipartisan pairs of election judges – pulled actual, paper ballots from the election that were randomly preselected by the Secretary of State’s Office.  The ballots were taken from various batches contained within plastic tubs, all presorted and labeled. After pulling our randomly preassigned ballots, we brought them into a separate room with computer stations.  There, we used the state’s RLA software – used in 62 counties – to enter in the votes on each ballot.  (The software has each ballot preset for us to “fill in,” enabling accurate cross-checking.)  The pairs of election judges did the same.  Altogether, 592 ballots were run through the software. The audit found 97% accuracy in the results.  (Elections experts attest that 100% accuracy can only be attained by a hand-recount.)  The RLA itself was a success; the staff and election judges were impeccable.  Voters can take confidence the process works as intended and in the results of the audit. Importantly, though, each county audits one statewide race per the SOS.  Proposition 119 was chosen for 2021.  Additionally, each county has a local race that gets audited.  This is where Arapahoe’s RLA gets marred by the partisanship that is all-too characteristic of Lopez as well as Secretary of State Jena Griswold . Although the SOS officially designates local races for audit, counties have a direct say in the selection.  In Arapahoe, we audited the at-large school board director race for Littleton Public Schools.  This one had five candidates and three eligible winners — and the margins weren’t even close.  More than 2,500 votes separated the top two vote-getters. Contrast this with the Ward III race for Aurora City Council, where unofficial results have Ruben Medina leading Jono Scott, the Republican candidate, by just 128 votes! Three days before the state’s initial target races were released, Arapahoe GOP Chair Suzanne Staiert – who served as deputy secretary of state from 2012-2018 – contacted Lopez’s elections director, Peg Perl. Staiert requested that the Ward III race be audited.