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A Royal Australian Navy submarine in September in Darwin, Australia. For Australia, nuclear-powered submarines offer a powerful means to counter China’s growing naval reach. Morrison “has said this is a high-risk program; he was upfront when he announced it,” Greg Moriarty, the secretary of the Australian Department of Defense, told a Senate committee this week. Failure or serious delays would ripple beyond Australia. The Biden administration has staked American credibility on building up Australia’s military as part of an “integrated deterrence” policy that will knit the United States closer to its allies in offsetting China. The United States and Britain, for their part, face hurdles to expanding production of submarines and their high-precision parts for Australia, and to diverting expert labor to South Australia, where, Mr. Morrison has said, the boats will be assembled. Washington and London have heavy schedules to build submarines for their own navies, including hulking vessels to carry nuclear missiles. “Success would be tremendous for Australia and the U.S., assuming open access to each other’s facilities and what it means in deterring China,” said Brent Sadler, a former U.S. Navy officer who is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “Failure would be doubly damaging — an alliance that cannot deliver, loss of undersea capacity by a trusted ally and a turn to isolationism on Australia’s part.” Australia is hoping for a reversal of fortune after more than a decade of misadventures in its submarine-modernization efforts.

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A woman receives a Pfizer vaccine at a drive-through coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination clinic in Otara Photograph: Reuters Last modified on Wed 20 Oct 2021 21.39 EDT New Zealand’s daily Covid-19 case numbers have gone into three figures for the first time since the pandemic began, as it recorded 102 new cases in the community on Thursday. Thursday’s cases broke Tuesday’s record of 94 , bringing the total in the Delta outbreak to 2,260 cases. The deputy prime minister, Grant Robertson, said health experts and the government had been expecting case numbers to rise, but he sympathised with those who may be shocked by the rapidity of the increase. “The ups and downs can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. You will have heard from all of us who have spoke from here recently, that we can expect to see case numbers rise. We do still want to keep them under control and we are working hard to do that,” he said. Robertson said that while keeping a lid on case numbers was important to reduce hospital admissions and pressure on the health system, “case numbers in and of themselves are not the only measure that we need to use going forward to assess the severity of the outbreak”. “We are facing this outbreak with higher rates of vaccination than perhaps others have in other countries. We are in a strong position, but we do need to build on that and see more people be vaccinated.” Of the latest cases, 94 are in Auckland and eight are in the neighbouring region of Waikato. Forty are yet to be linked to a current case, bringing the total number of unlinked cases to 199 in the past fortnight. Just over 82% of the population over 12 years old has now had at least one dose of the vaccine, and nearly 66% are fully inoculated.

The restrictions don't apply to cross-border trade, US citizens and lawful permanent residents, as well as people traveling for medical purposes or to attend school, among others. The latest set of restrictions is due to expire on October 21. Senior administration officials said the limits on cross-border travel will remain in effect until a soon-to-be-disclosed date in November. A Trump-era public health order that's allowed for the swift expulsion of more than 958,000 migrants will also stay in effect. Those restrictions, while also based on public health, are necessary because of concerns over migrants in congregate settings when undergoing processing, officials said. The travel restrictions had come under heavy scrutiny by lobbyists, lawmakers and border mayors who implored the Biden administration to adjust limits to meet the evolving landscape. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul welcomed the news Tuesday night. "I applaud our federal partners for reopening our borders to Canada, something I have called for since the beginning of the closure," the Democratic governor said in a statement. "Canada is not only our trade partner, but more importantly, Canadians are our neighbors and our friends." New York Rep. Brian Higgins, a Democrat who represents a Buffalo-area district, also heralded the decision, saying that "strong vaccination rates in Canada made the continued border shutdown absurd and unjustifiable." "For months now we've heard from businesses that are suffering and families distraught over the separation imposed by the continued border shutdown.